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Members of The Celebrant Circle are representatives of the organisation and embrace our ethos of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and inclusivity. 

Our Celebrants reflect these core values by adhering to the ‘Code of Conduct.’ They will conduct their business with professionalism, acting in an ethical manner to ensure the best interests of all clients are upheld at all times. They will demonstrate the highest levels of respect and client care, treating each client or family as individuals and creating unique ceremonies tailored to their individual needs. 



  • We are friendly, approachable, and communicate effectively with our clients and fellow professionals. We are excellent time-keepers, reliable, well-organised, and mindful of time constraints. 

  • We are good listeners and empathic, treating our clients as individuals and acknowledging their requests and requirements. We recognise the necessity to retain a professional stance when leading ceremonies. 

  • We are respectful of other professionals and will work collaboratively and efficiently at all times. 

  • We are proficient in computer and IT skills and communicate effectively.

  • We maintain a professional and positive attitude when engaging in social media or online discussions. We do not get involved in arguments and do not use inflammatory or provocative language when offering our opinions. 

  • We are GDPR compliant and understand the necessity to work confidentially. We have appropriate professional insurance coverage in place. 

  • We ensure we are well-groomed and dressed appropriately at all times when conducting our business. 


  • We respect and embrace the ethos of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity - valuing difference with the spirit of respectful collaboration. 

  • When working with colleagues, clients and other professionals, we create an atmosphere that is vigilant against discriminatory and inequitable practices. 

  • We have a clear and transparent procedure for reporting and resolving discriminatory behaviour.  

  • We respect our clients, colleagues and fellow members by creating an atmosphere of acceptance and reassurance, providing guidance and leadership without seeking to be the centre of attention.

Client Care

  • Client visits will take place at a suitable venue, ensuring adequate time for discussion and planning of an appropriate and unique ceremony. We recognise that we serve and support our clients requests, to the best of our ability. 

  • We ensure we are flexible and offer a non-judgemental approach to ceremony creation. We are sensitive and engender trust through confidentiality.

  • We ensure our clients are kept informed and updated throughout the planning and delivery process. 

  • We always send our scripts for approval prior to the ceremony and will conduct a rehearsal, where possible and if requested.

  • We meet and greet our clients at the ceremony venue, and are available before and immediately after ceremonies.


Ceremony Creation & Delivery

  • Every ceremony is unique, and created following a detailed and extensive interview with the clients or family, whenever possible.

  • We design and write ceremonies that celebrate and honour clients’ culture and heritage. Every ceremony is planned and structured to accurately reflect the life, values and beliefs of the person/people concerned. 

  • We are clear and confident speakers, using our voices and bespoke scripts to engage the clients and their guests. 

  • We actively employ our Health & Safety training to minimise risk, before, during and after our ceremonies. 

Continuous Professional Development 

  • We understand and embrace the concept of Continual Professional Development and recognise that this is vital to maintaining and enhancing the standard of our work. 

  • We acknowledge that Celebrancy is an ever-developing profession and we undertake to keep abreast of, and abide by, changes to local and national legislation and laws. 

  • We will keep records of C.P.D. courses and sessions we have attended as we continuously seek to improve the service we offer to clients.

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