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The fantastic thing about celebrant-led weddings is that couples have more choice over where their ceremony will occur. It could be on that particular beach where you had your first date, a woodland ceremony, or countless other venues!

As an Independent Celebrant, I am not bound by any specific religious or formal building, so your script will be tailored to you and your story.

I don't need to stick to a script everybody has heard before, which may not reflect who you are and how you want to celebrate your day.

Additions such as blessings, prayers or hand-fasting rituals can be included. We can honour multiple faiths, cultures, traditions and languages.

As a bonus, we will have gotten to know each other well before the big day, so I'll be a friendly and reassuring face as you declare your love in front of your guests.

It's a big day—probably the most important day of your life—and you'll want to ensure you get the ceremony right. I can help you, and we'll work together to create a unique event that will be memorable for years to come for all the right reasons.  

Happy outdoor Wedding Ceremony Scene for a summer mountain wedding. Wedding aisle, decorat

Your Love Story

'A love story is a narrative centred around the progression of two characters' relationship as they deal with internal and external obstacles to be together'.

I can help you create a memorable love story based on the rollercoaster of emotions of falling in love. It should make us laugh, cry, and experience a whirlwind of feelings alongside the characters. Happy tears, heartache, and belly laughs—we want it all

Saying "I Do"

I can't wait to hear your stories, listen to your life experiences and adventures, and craft your ceremony to share with your loved ones.

When renewing your vows with a Celebrant, you have so much choice over where your ceremony can take place. It could be the pub where you first met, a favourite hangout or even your back garden!

Additions such as blessings, prayers or hand fasting rituals can be included. We can honour multiple faiths, cultures, traditions and languages. Children and grandchildren can be included to create a real family occasion!

To be legally valid, a UK marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorised person (for example, a registrar, a vicar or a priest) and be witnessed by two people. To do this means couples must choose between:

  • an approved religious ceremony

  • a registry office 'Civil' ceremony

  • or a registrar who will attend the wedding at a licensed venue

The ceremony is a beautiful sense of occasion and is the most essential part of the wedding day. While couples can make the reception as individual as they please, they can't quite do that for the ceremony itself—there are rules to follow, time restraints, and even pre-written vows that you repeat as a couple.

Restrictions also extend to readings, music, vows, and sometimes even photographs, as well as the number of guests who can join you on your special day. For example, a Civil Ceremony conducted at a Registry Office or other location by a Registrar will not include anything related to religion, such as hymns (even as quotes), Bible references, or even songs that indirectly refer to religion. Sometimes, churches will not allow photos to be taken during the ceremony or restrict the photographer's access.

Utilising the services of a professional Civil Wedding Celebrant, which is where I come in, gives you the choice and flexibility to create a bespoke ceremony that reflects your wishes, values, and beliefs without restrictions.

Outdoor weddings have a dreamy, rustic vibe and are guaranteed to amaze your guests, especially in the evening, when the sun sets, and the environment comes to life with an abundance of tree lanterns, fairy lights, and tea lights in jars for a magical evening look. 

Wherever you decide to hold your ceremony, indoors or outdoors, you will have many questions, and hopefully, I will have answered some of them below.


Weddings led by a Civil Wedding Celebrant are becoming increasingly popular because they exercise choice. A ceremony conducted by a professional celebrant provides a blank canvas on which to design your ceremony at a location and time of your choosing. But there are other reasons why using a professional Celebrant is the perfect choice for you...

  • You want flexibility in having your wedding in the evening, at sunset, at home in the garden, or at an unlicensed venue. These are all very personal and romantic options.

  • You want a very personal and bespoke ceremony that may or may not include some religious content (music and religious references). You may wish to incorporate cultural elements into your ceremony, which isn't allowed at a licensed venue. I have many resources and ideas to guide you through your options.

  • Your partner is religious, but you are not. By having a celebrant-led wedding, we can create a ceremony that reflects your wishes as a couple and each individual's religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs.

  • It's not your first wedding, and you would like to declare your love and commitment to loved ones without the legal jargon.

  • You like the idea of a traditional ceremony, but your guest list is increasing daily, and you cannot find a suitable licensed venue within your budget.

You may wish to use symbolic gestures or weave spiritual elements into your ceremony. I have lots of ideas to help your creature with your unique ceremony either by way of:

  • Traditional Handfasting

  • Ring Warming

  •  Sand Ceremony

  • Unity Candle

  • Planting a Tree Ceremony

  • Stone Ceremony

  • and much, much more!​

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