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Wedding Celebrations often involve a sand ceremony, which may enable the couple to bring a symbol of their surroundings into their ceremony, whether a beach wedding or the coming together of two individuals to create a unique and blended whole. Each partner has a small glass vase of different-coloured craft sand and, during the ceremony, will pour their sand into a larger vase, alternating the colours so that the result is a beautiful, wavy, or striped sand creation that folds both colours together and is unique.

Maybe the couple has children or other family members who are significant to their coming together. These, too, can join to have their coloured sand mingled in one vase.

The couple then takes the vase home to remember their special day.


“Before each of you is a container of sand.  That container of sand represents you – all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be.  And today you are combining all of you and your uniqueness into the final vessel.  And just as these grains of sand can no longer be separated into their individual containers again, so shall your marriage and your lives forever be intertwined.”  


Newlyweds during sand ceremony .jpg
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