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Naming Ceremonies

You are required by law to register the birth of a child at your local register office.  This is a short, simple task where, having made an appointment, you complete the birth certificate with the help of the registrar and sign the birth register so the government knows that this new person exists.  A naming ceremony is not a legal requirement(unlike a a civil marriage) so you don't have to do it at a register office.  You could, however, follow your trip to the register

office with ceremony anywhere.

You can hold a meaningful and special naming ceremony in your own home, garden or in fact at any venue of your choice.

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A naming ceremony is......

simply a way of getting family and friends together to celebrate the arrival of a new child.  you can give the event a sense of ritual and ceremony by including special words, reading poems and asking family and friends to contribute in some way. It's an opportunity to stand up in front of your favourite people and telll them that you plan to be the very best parents you can and to ask them to help you in achieving this goal. 

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The Tie That Binds

Yours and mine in equal measures

This child of ours, our living treasure.

Before him we were just a couple,

Now the bonds between us double.

Mine to him and his to you, 

The three of us, not just we two.

We watch him in his cradle sleep

With so much love we almost weep.

We'll watch him grow into a boy 

Bringing us both tears and joy.

We'll watch him grow into a youth

And bring him up in light and truth.

We'll watch him grow into a man

And love him as only we two can.

Eileen Ellis

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