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Vow Renewals

wedding vow renewal, sometimes called a recommitment ceremony, is an event held to celebrate the love between two people who are already married. Couples renew wedding vows for many different reasons, perhaps overcoming difficulties within the marriage, in life, or in health and coming out stronger together, or maybe to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. Whatever reason or reasons a couple decides to have a renewal ceremony, they’re wonderful celebrations that allow a couple to reflect on the years previous and the years ahead.

Older couple renewing wedding vows, close-up of hands with gold wedding bands, square form
A handsome senior couple (parents of the bride) dressed up for a special occasion.  He has


A Renewal of Vows Ceremony can take place anywhere, at a hired venue, where they can invite many guests and have professional catering, perhaps even the same venue where the original wedding took place. Alternatively, it could be at an intimate and less formal venue like a private house or garden. A smaller venue would include fewer guests clearly, and may even be self-catered. It could even take place outdoors, perhaps at one of your favourite locations to spend time together. Couples sometimes have a Renewal of Vows Ceremony in an exotic location, somewhere they might have wished to have their original wedding, if only they had the finances back then. I do travel

two gold wedding rings. the bride wears the groom wedding ring. newlyweds with rings on fi

When are Wedding Vows Traditionally Renewed?

Celebrating a landmark wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony is very popular. Famous landmarks include the 25th wedding anniversary, symbolised by the stunning emerald gemstone. A beautiful emerald eternity ring with vivid green gemstones is the perfect choice when marking this very special occasion. Ruby wedding anniversaries are also a popular wedding vow renewal landmark. Forty years of commitment to one another is no mean feat and it’s the perfect reason to pick out a stunning ruby eternity ring to symbolise that dedication to your marriage.

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